Bold Surfaces

    Another lucky find – or just knowing who to talk to – gave us the old oak bourbon-casks that we restored as Bodega Reclaimed Natural Bourbon Oak Plank. Just like the premium spirit that once matured against this wood, these planks, warm-spirited, with distinctive honey tones, are welcome in most any interior…

    Bodega Negra

    Bold Surfaces

    Even in charred oak, it still takes three or four years to craft drinkable bourbon. That’s an eye’s blink compared to the life of the original black oak bourbon barrels we sourced and reclaimed. The result is these up-to-2,200mm-long, 220mm-wide, 14mm-deep Bodega Negra planks…


    Bold Surfaces

    As so often with nineteenth-century railway woods, Bolt is a dramatic reclaimed treasure imbued with the aura of bygone times. Each random length, 120–180mm-wide x 20mm thick plank is packed with design potential…


    Bold Surfaces

    This is where cabinetmakers’ centuries-old ceruse-paste secrets meet the striking knots, cracks and beguiling ripples of a solid, reclaimed black oak. And oh how they do it, in generously dimensioned up-to-2,200mm by 10mm thick, random-width planks with exquisite square-edge, hand-rolled edges…


    Bold Surfaces

    Claremont’s cool, natural tones are accentuated by this nature grade European Oak’s distinctive texture. Each plank has been hand finished for an authentic, reclaimed look. Claremont’s planks are up to 2.8 metres long and 100mm wide, perfect for use on walls, ceilings and floors.

    Cotton Mill Pine

    Rare Finds

    Centuries ago, Grand Tours by Europe’s elite traversed remote inner Alpine valleys amid the slow-growing, centuries-old Swiss Pine, Spruce and Larch, and past the Alps’ eternal glaciers to reach the gemütlichkeit of romantic mountain inns…


    Bold Surfaces

    Personality and patina rule when you design with these sublime reclaimed floorboards. Be inspired by nothing less than gorgeous solid pine – each module is between two and three metres long, 130–235mm wide and 13–18mm thick.


    Bold Surfaces

    There’s a story locked into each square millimetre of this breathtaking black and tan hued French oak herringbone. It’s another gem of a find that our craftspeople have reclaimed and restored for you…


    Bold Surfaces

    Imagine yourself back to a pre-industrial age when harvests came in on horse-drawn carts for storage in oak-beamed barns. This is Fledgling and in its sanded, smooth-textured boards, you’ll find inspiration by the cartload…


    Bold Surfaces

    Who, back in pre-industrial Britain, would have predicted that the oak wood of their farm carts and barns would one day be part of such sublime floors and walls …


    Bold Surfaces

    Prepare to be surprised – and inspired! As its quirky name suggests, reclaimed, engineered, unfinished, 2-ply Heyday isn’t ‘just another oak’. It’s a piece of genuine agricultural heritage at your disposal for another inspired design…


    Bold Surfaces

    During Victorian times, with less availability of elm, pine floorboards came into ascendency – often hidden by rugs and carpets or painted to look like more prestigious hardwoods.