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Antique and Reclaimed Wood Floors

If you buy a woodworks antique floor you acquire something that’s a bit different – a limited edition that stands out from the crowd. Whether it’s a floor whose provenance stretches back hundreds of years, to panels made from reclaimed wood from javanese fishing boats, or perhaps a parquet floor crafted from the finest reclaimed oak.

These floors are all distinctive in their individuality, fully restored to reveal the beauty of their heritage and destined to be loved and admired for years and years to come.


The feel that a genuine antique wood floor adds is difficult to define, but impossible to reproduce. Here you'll find rare 17th and 18th century antique wood floors with unusual patinas, characterful natural markings and exquisite design elements.

Bold Surfaces

Bursting with vibrant secrets and suprises, each plank captures lifetimes of adventure, history and heritage. From the undulating cornfields of rural England, to the eastern shores of java, the characterful markings that point to former uses have been highlighted during the restoration of these reclaimed pieces.


Shou sugi ban is the traditional Japanese process of charring wood to product deep, silvery tones. The process is painstakingly intricate - using reclaimed pieces, our expert craftsmen produce simple planks, geometric squares or more complex circular designs. The results are statement masterpieces.

Rare Finds

True one-offs, small batches of wood floors, each with a story that is intertwined with the rise of the great english cities. Having served its time in warehouses and public spaces they have now being lovingly restored. As they find a new home, a new adventure begins.