Caring for your wood floor this Christmas

With Christmas day just around the corner we thought it’d be the perfect time to put some tips together to make sure your wood floor is looking its best over Christmas.

Wood flooring is one of the most hard wearing, natural and resilient floor coverings around. Wood floors age gracefully and far outlast alternative floor coverings like carpet, vinyl and laminate. If properly cared for your wood flooring will last for decades to come.

Christmas is a time for family and friends and it’s likely that you’ll have more people over during the festive period. Whether you’re hosting on Christmas day or having a New Year’s Eve party, you’ll probably want your wood floor looking as good as the day it was first installed.

Whether a guest scrapes your floor moving a chair or spills wine, there are steps you can take to protect your wood floor from long-term damage before potential incidents even occur.


You may have heard the ancient remedy of using white wine to remove red wine spills, while this may sometimes work with carpet, please don’t try this on your hardwood floor!

If spills do occur, soak up the bulk of the liquid immediately using a paper towel or rag. We’d then suggest using our Ted Todd care system to clean up afterwards. Our Ted Todd care kits contain all of the products you could need to protect and clean your wood floors. The care system you have depends on the finish applied to your floor. If you have a lacquer, UV oil or hardened oil finish on your wood floor, you’ll need care system one. If your floor is finished with natural oil, hardwax oil or restoration oil, you’ll want care system two. Each care system has items essential to the maintenance and protection of your wood floors.

Once the bulk of the spill has been absorbed, fill a spray bottle with 90% water and 10% cleaner and spray a small amount on the area, if you want a deeper clean add more cleaner to the solution. Simply spray the solution on the floor, working into marks with a mop. In a well ventilated room, your wood floor should dry in around ten minutes.

Prevention is always better than cure so always try to protect your floor before spills or scratches potentially occur. Before any big events in your home, we would recommend polishing the floor to maintain the original seal, making your floor more resilient against ingrained dirt and stains. To apply the polish, start in the corner of the room, spraying the polish and then working it in with a microfibre mop pad. Don’t worry about applying the polish evenly as it won’t show when it dries. Once your floor is dry, buff gently with a clean cloth. Alternatively, you could use a buffing machine for very large areas.


Adding protective felt or rubber adhesive pads to furniture legs are a lifesaver if you’re having a big party over Christmas. Guests will inevitably move chairs around and you may even rearrange furniture to make more space. Moving furniture without lifting could scrape your floor and these protective pads will ensure your floor doesn’t scratch when this happens.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to hearing from you in the new year!

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