Our latest Rare Find: Colonial Burmese Teak

We travelled over 5,000 miles to reclaim this antique Colonial Burmese Teak, extracting it from a 19th century South East Asia colonial home. Teak is known for its beautiful, tight grain and ages gracefully to a regal silver.

Native to the tropics, Teak is valued for both its beauty and durability. Teak naturally resists decay, insects, rot and is aptly nicknamed ‘the king of the hardwoods’ due to its extreme stability. Unlike North American timbers that utilised waterways for transportation, Teak was transported by land using elephants. Due to Teak’s stability, it has been used for centuries in marine manufacturing, utilised as decking on vessels across the world.

colonial burmese teak

Our craftspeople worked hard in reclaiming these beautiful floorboards, transforming them into 2-ply, engineered boards of random widths and lengths. Our Colonial Burmese Teak has been finished with a burnished hardwax oil, a durable, natural finish that beautifully enhances Teak’s alluring tones and stability.

We would love you to see our Colonial Burmese Teak. Book an appointment at one of our Design Centres or call us today on 01925 284495.

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