Issho, Leeds

Japanese eatery Issho is located in the heart of Leeds’ Victoria Quarter, a vibrant shopping destination that perfectly blends old and new with restored Victorian arcades and a new state-of-the-art shopping centre.

Issho in Japanese literally translates as ‘together’ and this rooftop restaurant, boasting contemporary Izakaya dining in a plush setting, is the perfect destination for togetherness.

An oasis of plush sofas, lush greenery and views spanning across Leeds City Centre all contribute towards the beautiful aesthetic of Issho. Augite was specified for this project, a reclaimed wood that has undergone the ancient Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban.

Shou Sugi Ban is the process of charring wood to provide a beautiful and long lasting timber. The technique was invented to prolong the life of the wood, making it resistant to fire, infestation and decay. The charred wood often featured on facades of rural Japanese homes, that were used to store valuables in need of protection.

Although the process of Shou Sugi Ban is a homage to ancient Japan, the ebony hue of the carbonised wood can complement the most modern of interiors, with our carbonised wood blending seamlessly with the rest of Issho’s stunning rooftop restaurant.