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In October this year, we celebrated 25 years of Ted Todd. 25 is quite the milestone, it’s halfway to 50 and a quarter of the way to 100. A lot can happen in 25 years and we’ve spent the best part of it listening to and understanding our customers, perfecting the art of making the finest wood floors and learning that you’ve always got to keep learning.

In celebration of our milestone, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite new wood floors. Our list is based on best sellers, your valued feedback and the thoughts of our craftspeople making these wood floors by hand in Cheshire. Below you’ll discover a mixture of planks and parquetry, light to mid-tones and an abundance of texture, grain and the finest quality wood. All of these floors have been consistently popular in both commercial and residential projects.

Tolland, Editions

Awash with smoky brown hues, a statement open grain and all of the wonderful knots and knolls so characteristic of European Oak, it’s no surprise that Tolland is chosen time and time again for interior projects.

These characterful boards have been lovingly designed, developed and hand-finished by our craftspeople in Cheshire, resulting in a luxurious wood floor with a contemporary edge.

Abbot, Editions

Neutral, trend-focused tones are high on customers’ wish lists. In September we welcomed Abbot to our Editions portfolio and its quickly become one of our favourites. Abbot is characterised by silvery highlights, warm undertones running through each board and a statement grain.

Crafted from sustainably sourced European Oak, these boards are 2ply engineered and 220mm in width, with a reassuringly thick 6mm wear layer. Abbot is finished with a burnished hardwax oil for a long-lasting finish, deftly combining style with durability, the perfect wood floor any project.

Champagney, Aged

Champagney is the first floor to feature from our Aged portfolio, a beautiful collection of handmade parquet de Versailles, plank, chevron and herringbone floors all crafted from the finest French Oak.

The rich Oak tones of Champagney perfectly live up to its namesake, and with our hours of handwork the undulating texture, flow of the grain and beautiful tones of the Oak have been accentuated.

Each individual block of Champagney has been hand sanded, creating a soft, time abraded surface.

Clifton, Editions

Clifton is the lightest tone of our Editions floors. Fresh, cool tones and a subtle natural grain lend a contemporary look to Clifton. Prime planks of European Oak have been hand polished by our craftspeople to create Clifton’s sleek, modern finish.

Available in both herringbone and plank, Clifton is provides a flawless backdrop to any interior.

Winster, Editions

With honeyed tones and a delicate grain, Winster is a striking natural beauty that will add warmth to any project. Extra care has been taken by our craftspeople to accentuate the Oak’s natural characteristics and charm. A naked skin lacquer has been applied to these planks, providing exceptional durability coupled with an unfinished ‘raw’ look.

Cowdray, Editions

New to Editions in September, Cowdray features smoky brown tones and sandy inflections, which add warmth to these European Oak planks. Known for its hard-wearing nature and stability, it’s of no surprise that Oak is one of the most popular species for wood flooring and when coupled with on-trend smoky hues, it’s easy to see why Cowdray made the cut.

Cowdray has been brushed and finished with a hardwax oil, creating a floor that is exceptionally durable.

Lauzes is another French Oak favourite of ours and one of the most popular choices from our Aged portfolio. With white, neutral tones, shadows of saw marks and gentle undulations, Lauzes is packed full of character and the perfect choice for those looking to add a subtle texture to their project.

All of our Aged floors undergo a 24 month aging process, creating a floor that holds all the characteristics of an antique floor but is crafted from new wood.

Peteril, Editions

Larch floors are characterised by their open grain structure, beautiful knots and striking patterns and our Peteril floor certainly delivers.

Peteril is a handmade floor crafted from the finest Northern European Larch, we’ve worked Peteril by hand, drawing out the distinctive grain patterns so characteristic of Larch, giving each plank its own fingerprint of individuality.

Velentre, Aged

The classic aged tones of Velentre, combined with a luxurious polished hardwax oil, create a floor that looks like it has been around for years. By sanding the wood’s natural undulations, we work with the grain across the floor for a truly organic feel.

Like all of the floors in our Aged portfolio, the wood used to craft these handmade wood floors is from the beautiful former province of Quercy, in South West France.

The rich, traditional Oak tones of Velentre, which perhaps make this floor so popular, are also available in herringbone, chevron and parquet de Versailles.

Sienna, Editions

The final floor to feature in our handpicked list is Sienna, a European Oak herringbone infused with caramel tones and handcrafted texture.

When a sumptuous blend of colour meets a herringbone block you know you’re in for a beautiful floor fit for any interior project. Sienna is stunning European Oak that has been fumed, hand brushed and burnished with a hardwax oil to ensure those beautiful hues never fade.

If you are interested in working our floors into a future project of yours, browse through our Lookbook and order samples of your favourites.

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