New floors for March 2018

Woodworks by Ted Todd celebrates the best in reclaimed, antique and handmade wood flooring; using the finest woods and craftsmanship.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to search out more reclaimed treasures. We’ve listened to your feedback and made many of our Editions floors available in herringbone, as well as introducing some exciting new floors to our Editions, Aged and Lab portfolio.

Editions Herringbone now available 

The subtle unfinished textures, open grain and exquisite tones of the Editions plank floors are now available in ever-popular herringbone. 12 tones from Editions have been showcased in the herringbone design; TollandSiennaOtisMonroeManor HouseHockenhallHeathGranaryEspressoCoast and Clifton.

These floors are crafted from the very best sustainably sourced European Oak, Douglas Fir, Larch and American Black Walnut. All these floors are handmade to order, usually with a 3 week lead time. View our new herringbones here, and if you like what you see, request a free sample.

Hockenhall, Espresso, Tolland, Otis

The reclaimed Indonesian Teak floors below are new to our Rare Finds portfolio. Rare Finds is packed full of reclaimed wood, each with a unique story to tell. The wood used to make these floors has already been around for hundreds of years, having served its time in warehouses, houses and public spaces, often originating hundreds of miles from British shores. Because of the rarity of the wood in Rare Finds, there is limited availability, so please register your interest as soon as possible.

Our latest Rare Find – Duth East Indies Teak

Bleached Dutch East Indies Teak 

We travelled halfway across the world to reclaim these original antique Teak solid 12mm boards,  bringing them back to our workshops in Cheshire to begin our meticulous work. The result – floors that sum up everything that Woodworks is about.

Dutch East Indies Teak

Like the beautiful Teak above, our Dutch East Indies Teak floors were originally found in colonial Dutch East Indies homes in Indonesia. Our experienced craftspeople have sensitively restored this stunning Teak, taking extra care to leave the original patina intact. This floor has a beautiful texture, with original hand saw marks that flicker randomly across the surface of each board.

Distinctive grains; introducing Northbank, Rivelin, Peteril and Winster

We’ve identified distinctive grains as the most noteworthy wood flooring trend around. They feature strong, distinctive grains – perfect for multi-surface use on floors, walls, doors and ceilings. The swirling grains and characteristic markings of the following floors are truly captivating and Woodworks by Ted Todd’s artisans have worked meticulously to bring out the beautiful idiosyncrasies of the woods used.

Northbank, Rare Finds

We salvaged this stunning pine from a warehouse on the docks of Garston in Liverpool. Northbank has a distinctive grain that runs across each plank and these reclaimed boards are larger and wider than anything else we have ever reclaimed before. This pine has been finished with a naked skin lacquer, accentuating the natural beauty of the grain and ensuring the durability of the floor.

Rivelin, Editions

Rivelin features a characterful grain with knots, knolls and a gorgeous bleached hue. Crafted from Northern European Larch, Rivelin has a limed look with a warm tone running through each board. This floor is available in mixed-width planks and has been skip sawn to accentuate the texture of the boards. This European Larch has been finished with a naked skin lacquer to ensure durability without taking away the natural beauty of the wood.

Peteril, Editions

Peteril is a handmade floor crafted using the finest Northern European Larch. Peteril is available in widths of up to 300mm to achieve an on-trend wide plank look. The naked skin lacquer finish delivers a ‘raw’, unfinished look that is still ultra durable, highlighting the unique grain patterns so characteristic of Larch.

Winster, Editions

Featuring honeyed tones and a subtle grain is our new Editions floor Winster. This European Oak has been handcrafted by our artisans in Cheshire and we have taken extra care to accentuate the natural characteristics and charm of the wood. A naked skin lacquer has been applied to Winster, combining durability with an unfinished ‘raw’ aesthetic.

Peteril, Winster, Rivelin, Northbank

Tilloux – new Aged floor

Our Aged portfolio is made up of floors using the finest French Oak, sourced from the region of Quercy in France. These boards are left outside for up to 24 months before our craftsmen can start their work. During this process the Oak loses its tension, the fibres settle and the knots harden – all factors that accentuate the natural characteristics of the Oak. The distinctive texture of Tilloux is created by skip sawing, setting off the warm, natural tones of the Oak.

In-plank chevron

Our Lab portfolio harnesses experimental creativity and innovation. The floors below are brand new concepts, a subtle chevron look achieved by running a saw down the planks to create 45 degree saw marks. Three formats are available, allowing you to create your own unique look;

  • Lay alternating angled grains side-by-side to create an easy to fit chevron look
  • Lay two angled grain planks and two opposite angled grain plains, to create a wide chevron effect.
  • Lay randomly to create a unique textured look
Chilton, Newport and Burbank

Rosnay continuous Versailles

Rosnay is the newest edition to our Parquetry portfolio. Made from the finest French Oak is our Rosnay continuous Versailles. The versatility of the continuous Versailles pattern combined with the warm tone of the Oak make these unfinished blocks the perfect choice for many schemes.


We’ve moved our innovative herringbone floor into the Urban Portfolio, and added two new design choices; chevron and plank. Our Gaslamp floors epitomise what our Urban portfolio is all about; distinctive textures and stunning hues that contribute towards an industrially chic aesthetic. Copper leaf has been worked into these skip sawn planks and chevron and herringbone blocks. These floors are finished with a naked skin lacquer to ensure that the stunning copper is exceptionally durable.

Gaslamp plank, chevron and herringbone

We are exceptionally proud of the latest additions to the Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolio and we hope you enjoy our new floors as much as we do. To find out more about our new floors, get in touch or request a sample.

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