New wood floors for 2019

We spent the last part of 2018 developing our ideas and getting them ready for your projects in 2019, and we’re excited to share with you the fruits of our labour.

This year we’ve added European Oak and reclaimed Pine cladding to our Bold Surfaces portfolio as the demand for wood that can be used on walls and ceilings, as well as floors, continues to grow. We’ve also introduced new Shou Sugi Ban floors to our Carbonised portfolio, deeply brushing the charred wood to produce a look that is utterly unique.

Our aim is and always has been to create beautiful wood floors that work for you. Wood floors that tell a story either from the wood they were crafted from or through the craftspeople who make them. Discover new additions to our Bold Surfaces and Carbonised portfolios.

shou sugi ban

Five new smoky and charred tones in Carbonised

Traditionally the Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban was invented to prolong the life of the wood, making it resistant to fire, infestation and decay and was typically found on the exterior of buildings. Today, Shou Sugi Ban still adorns exteriors but it’s also transitioned to interiors, cladding walls, floors and ceilings.

We’ve introduced five new reclaimed Swiss Pine floors to Carbonised; Oyster, Granite, Moth, Lead and Quartz. Once charred, the planks are deeply brushed by hand. Each plank has been brushed to varying degrees, some a subtle nod towards Shou Sugi Ban, with the charring present only in the grain of the wood, others to produce a more dramatic finish. Brushing the wood removes the soft summer growth and leaves behind a hard, resinous timber, full of character, texture and all of the features that make this reclaimed Swiss Pine so special.

shou sugi ban

Wood beyond the floor

Wood on walls, ceilings and floors brings with it irrefutable warmth, and this once undesirable trend is now back in favour. We’ve introduced nine new wood claddings to our Bold Surfaces portfolio, five crafted from reclaimed Pine and four from European Oak.

Featuring indulgent tones and distinctive patterns our new Bold Surfaces add layers of interest and natural warmth to interiors, connecting you to the outdoors through their texture, smell and appearance.

reclaimed wall cladding

All of our new Bold Surfaces are suitable for walls, ceilings and floors and have been carefully handcrafted in Cheshire. From the honeyed hues of Capitol to the dulcet tones of Thread, every interior style has been considered in the construction of our new wall cladding.

Discover our new additions through samples, available to order on our website or through our Design Centres in London and Cheshire.

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