New wood floors for Autumn 2018


Every Woodworks by Ted Todd floor demands care and attention. Everything about them takes time, planning every single board and working each piece to bring out the very best in its nature. More time goes into finishing them, waiting patiently for each application to slowly air dry. Lastly, how we polish takes time too.

A Woodworks by Ted Todd floor is never rushed, they are all carefully made by hand in our Cheshire workshops, with each one guaranteed to pass the test of time.

This autumn we’ve introduced new, beautifully handcrafted floors to our Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolios. Discover new wood floors crafted from the finest materials, restored rare woods and intricate antique design panels. 

Listening to your feedback, we’ve added new on-trend tones to Editions, fulfilling the demand for smoky grey floors crafted from sustainably sourced Oak. We’ve also introduced some exciting new floors to our Rare Finds, Antique and Lab portfolios.

New on-trend Editions tones

Neutral, trend-focused tones are high on customers’ wish lists. We are pleased to introduce three new Editions floors, characterised by silvery highlights and warm undertones running through each board. Aversley, Abbot and Cowdray have been crafted from sustainably sourced European Oak, are 2ply engineered and 220mm in width, with a reassuringly thick 6mm wear layer. Each of these new floors has been finished with a burnished hard wax oil for a long-lasting finish, deftly combining style with durability.

New wood floors

Exquisite antique wood

This autumn we’ve made changes to our Antique portfolio, splitting it into Antique Elm and Antique Oak – showcasing seven floors in seven designs in Antique Oak and 6 designs in Antique Elm.

Antique Elm

Rich in texture, character and history, it’s hard to beat the rustic charm of Mayer. Crafted from ancient, centuries old timber, our antique Elm is available in a variety of formats. In the 1970s much of the elm population was devastated by Dutch Elm Disease and because of this Elm today can only be acquired from private residences, old barns and public spaces. Discover chequerboard, mixed width planks, parquet de Versailles and more intricate designs in our Antique elm portfolio.

Antique Oak

Discover genuine antique oak flooring with history locked into every burr and curve of grain, precisely engineered for the demands of today’s most sophisticated interiors. Our craftspeople worked meticulously to restore these beautiful pieces of history, taking extra care to not erase marks created from centuries of use. Uncover seven different formats in seven tones; perfect for contemporary and traditional projects alike.

Subtle Criss-Cross floors

Our Lab portfolio harnesses experimental creativity and innovation. This September we’ve introduced a subtle criss-cross effect created with saw marks, sitting within the traditional 220mm wide plank design. Discover Eastside, Wynwood and Yaletown below, all brand new to Lab this autumn.

Small batches of Rare Wood

We’ve traced and acquired wood from the Old War Office in Whitehall, reclaimed antique Teak floorboards from former Dutch East Indies homes and restored English Oak that’s been drying in our warehouse for over 20 years. The charm that reclaimed and antique wood possesses is impossible to replicate and hard to define, discover the unique stories of each of our Rare Finds here.

Pictured: Reims antique Oak

We are exceptionally proud of the latest additions to the Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolios and we hope you love our new floors as much as we do. To find out more about our new floors, get in touch or book a design appointment.

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