New Woodworks Floors for 2020

For over 25 years we have been providing unrivalled value in the wood flooring industry and our newest wood floors and cladding are no exception.

We continue to create floors filled with quality for every budget, timescale, specification, project size and beyond, and hope you enjoy our latest introductions as much as we enjoyed creating them in our Cheshire workshop.

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Reclaimed from decades-old vodka vats in North East Europe and defined by an original patina and bold tones, each Temno herringbone block and plank has been gently polished to bring out the individuality of this reclaimed oak. The wood used to make the original vats had to be of the best quality, translating into boards with a really straight grain. Unfinished for a clean, crisp look, we decided against adding a lacquered finish in order to preserve the unique tones and details.

We’ve even left original markings on the wood to give these distinctive blocks even more personality and interest. Temno is ideal for walls, ceilings and floors.


Mixing the traditional values behind crafting characterful floors and the enduring appeal of light-toned boards, we’ve handcrafted Rouby from the best sustainably sourced French oak we could find.

As with all our Aged collection, Rouby features beautiful hand-rolled edges which add movement to these 220mm 20mm rustic grade engineered boards, which have been carefully black-filled and soft-sanded.

Fine Oak has grown for centuries in Quercy, France and our craftsmen have been designing and hand finishing fine French Oak for years here in Cheshire. This is more than just manufacturing – our passion for hours of handwork emphasises the flow of the grain, the undulating texture and rich Oak tones. Rouby is also available in nature grade on request.


Capturing the timeless simplicity of sustainably sourced Douglas Fir, Egret’s distinctive appearance is achieved thanks to heavily brushing these Nature Grade sap-free boards. Egret is a light- toned floor that is ideal for a clean, modern minimalist look and surprisingly easy to maintain thanks to its matt lacquered finish.

In 300mm super wide boards, and long lengths up to 3m, Egret is a 20mm engineered standout which has been carefully created in our on-site Cheshire workshop.

Dark Colonial Teak

We travelled almost 5,000 miles to reclaim this history-packed reclaimed Burmese Teak from South East Asia. Making this Teak such a rich, dark colour was a happy accident after some of the Teak was stained accidentally, creating this beautiful tone. We loved it so much, we repeated the process, creating Dark Colonial Teak.

Carefully repaired knots and an undulating texture are key features of these engineered 20mm brushed and soft-sanded boards which are available as random width planks up to 2.2m in length.

Teak is known for its beautiful, tight grain and ages gracefully to a regal silver tone. Native to the tropics, it is valued for both its stunning look and exceptional durability. Teak naturally resists decay, insects, rot and is aptly nicknamed ‘the Kind of the Hardwoods’ due to its extreme stability.

To preserve remaining forests, new Teak has become a controlled timber. As a result of it no longer being freely available, it’s become increasingly more difficult to obtain, making it one of the rarest species of wood in the world. Unlike new Teak, this reclaimed Teak in our Rare Finds is entirely sustainable.


Reintroduced back into Urban due to popular demand, Kentish’s FSC certified nature-grade European Oak boards have a natural colour and nuanced warm tone. The scratched, grainy texture offers a distinctive urban edge, complete with hand-rolled edges for added movement and a durable naked skin lacquer finish.

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