Our latest Rare Find: Northbank

Reclaiming wood floors has become somewhat of a vocation for us. As well as uncovering the heritage and provenance of the wood to provide a captivating story, these Rare Finds give our artisans the chance to practice their unparalleled craftsmanship, giving the antique treasure the chance to add more chapters to its story.

Where the story of this reclaimed wood floor began 

The story of this Pitch Pine began thousands of miles away across the Atlantic. Pockets of forest dotted along the East Coast of America were the original birthplaces of this reclaimed Pine.

One of the Pitch Pine’s (Pinus Rigida) most defining qualities is its remarkable regenerative ability; if the tree gets damaged or ravaged by fire it is able to re-sprout. If this pine could talk, the stories it could tell of survival would blow us all away. Because of this innate survival instinct it’s of no surprise that the total lifespan of Pitch Pine is around 200 years, 8 decades older than the world’s oldest living person.

An expedition across The Atlantic

From the sandy highlands of North America to the North Bank of the River Mersey in Liverpool, it’s fair to say that this Pine has been on quite the adventure. We unearthed this Pine in a disused warehouse at Garston Dock in Liverpool.

Garston Dock played an important part in the growth of Liverpool during the Industrial Revolution. With an increase in trade Garston went from sleepy fishing village to thriving industrial town and the North Dock was constructed during 1867 to handle ever-increasing coal imports.

The Victorian building from which our stunning Pitch Pine was extracted was built during this time of rapid development in the late 1860s. The warehouse was utilised by stevedores; persons employed to load and unload cargo from ships.

Garston Dock still operates to this day, handling around 600,000 tonnes of cargo each year. Bringing the facilities into the 21st century resulted in demolition of some warehouses along North Bank, which is why we are now proud custodians of Northbank.

From derelict warehouse beams to a stunning reclaimed wood floor 

Sitting high in a warehouse on the edge of the River Mersey were these stunning pitch pine beams. Not one to let great wood go to waste we worked hard to extract these historical artefacts and return them in their full glory to our restoration centre in Cheshire.

Our artisans worked meticulously to reclaim the heritage of Northbank, taking extra care to ensure that the original markings and patina held strong and that the character of the wood was never dishonoured.

Utilising the timeless combination of centuries old Pine and meticulous craftsmanship we have crafted Northbank, a stunning antique hardwood floor that embraces timeless elegance. Each plank holds a unique lifeline of adventure, history and heritage.

Northbank carries with it a tale as old as time and the next chapter of its story is to be determined by you.

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