These floors are all about individuality and urban living. They capture the feel of offbeat finds to create a look that’s a bit distressed but always unique. While they may have a worn look, the finish ensures that it is extremely durable with no colour fading and the eco-credentials you’d expect.

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    Blending charcoal greys with deep navy blue, Bronx is effortlessly stylish and undoubtedly hip. The nature grade European Oak planks are skip sawn for a detailed texture, and matt lacquered for a stunning long lasting finish.

    Bronx Chevron

    If you’re looking to work an urban edge into your next project, these skip sawn chevron planks offer the ultimate in urban style. Skip sawing planks adds a heavy grain texture to the wood and the durable matt lacquer finish guarantees that the blue of Bronx will never fade.

    Bronx Herringbone

    Bronx offers the ultimate in contemporary design. With charcoal and navy blue blended hues, distinctive lines and herringbone blocks, Bronx is the perfect floor for those with a creative flair. These herringbone blocks have been skip sawn, providing a characteristic textural beauty to the wood. A durable matt lacquer finish ensures that the colour of the herringbone blocks will never fade.


    Brooklyn is a statement floor featuring three widths of skip sawn, nature-grade European Oak planks. Brooklyn’s scratched grainy texture offers a distinctive urban edge, and comes complete with hand rolled edges and a durable matt lacquer finish.

    Brooklyn Chevron

    Brooklyn’s nature-grade European Oak has been skip sawn, creating a distinctive texture that makes you want to run your finger across it. The chevron blocks offer the greatest in handmade perfection and would suit those looking for a subtly stylish floor. The chevron blocks are hand rolled and a hard-wearing matt lacquer finish ensures that the colour will not fade.

    Brooklyn Herringbone

    When white-washed texture meets Herringbone block you know you’re in for a statement flooring that wouldn’t go amiss in a stylish loft in Willamsburg. These nature-grade European Oak blocks have been skip sawn, adding a scratchy texture to the wood. A durable matt lacquer finish protects Brooklyn’s colouring from fading.


    Dalston’s rough white-washed texture is the epitome of cutting-edge urban chic. The nature-grade European Oak is skip sawn for a distinctive texture, with hand rolled edges revealing glimpses of honey coloured oak beneath. Dalston is matt lacquered for a robust finish.

    Dalston Chevron

    When rough white-washed texture meets a Chevron pattern it conjures up the perfect image of cutting-edge urban chic, which is what our Urban collection is all about.

    Dalston Herringbone

    Clean, modern and stylish are three words that come to mind when you set your sights on our Dalston herringbone. The skip sawn European Oak is distinctively lined and intricately texturised.

    Gaslamp Chevron

    Gaslamp chevron epitomises what our Urban portfolio is all about; distinctive textures and stunning hues that contribute towards an industrially chic aesthetic. Copper leaf has been worked into these skip sawn chevron blocks, finished with a naked skin lacquer to ensure that the stunning copper is exceptionally durable.

    Gaslamp Herringbone

    Gaslamp Herringbone sums up what Woodworks by Ted Todd is all about – adventurous, innovative and elegant. The copper finish works perfectly with the random sawn texture of this herringbone. Soft rolled edges are complimented by our invisible naked skin lacquer.

    Gaslamp Plank

    This European nature grade Oak has been given a delicate dusting of copper leaf, accentuating the random skip sawn texture and distinctive pattern of the wood. The copper planks, available in different widths, will create a design statement in any interior project, whether used on floors, walls or ceilings.