The enduring appeal of wide plank flooring

A wide plank floor delivers discreet style and timeless elegance to any interior project. Wider planks maximise design impact by accentuating the natural grain of wood and all of the beautiful characteristics that come with a European Oak.

The European Oak in our handmade Superwide Collection has a consistent, yet prominent grain that is emphasised by the 300mm wide planks used.

Contrary to popular opinion, wide plank floors aren’t exclusive to large spaces. Fewer planks means fewer seams, allowing the focus to be on the beauty of the grain and giving the impression of a larger space.

The origins of the wide plank floor

While wide plank flooring may be seen as the antithesis to the traditional narrow plank floor, wide plank floor has been around for hundreds of years. Homes in the 18th and 19th centuries used wide plank flooring throughout, as it was seen as easier to install than narrower boards, with fewer planks needed.

With the absence of industrialised tools, craftsmen used pit-saws to create planks from wood, it was much easier and less time consuming to craft wide planks. During the Industrial Revolution wide plank flooring fell out of favour, as it wasn’t as suited to mass production.

Wide plank floors came back into vogue in the early 90s, reintroduced to make small spaces feel larger and larger spaces more proportionate.

Achieve timeless elegance with a wide plank floor

Depending on tone and design, wide plank floors can either make an interior design statement or blend seamlessly into your existing décor scheme. From the dark hues of Ebony to the warm caramel tones of Sable and the crisp, cool colouring of Ecru, every tone has been considered in our Superwide collection.

Herringbone is also a design option in our Superwide portfolio. The 300mm wide herringbone blocks are packed with character, giving a more detailed view of the grain and highlighting the European Oak’s unique idiosyncrasies.

Herringbone is an excellent unifier, providing a cohesive background to inspire single or multi-room interiors. Pictured on the left is our Linen Superwide herringbone, used on the floor of this bathroom, as well as the adjacent dressing room.

Dramatic results with different designs 

While wide plank flooring creates an impression of space in a room, combining different width planks adds an interesting textural element to your floor. Mixing plank widths moves away from the uniformity of fixed width planks, and creates a natural, organic look.

The floors in our Antique Collection come in mixed widths, a nod to the origins of wood flooring as historically random width planks ensured that as much of the tree was used as possible. Fixed width floor planks and parquetry were an apogee of the elite, because of the expense and painstaking labour taken to install a perfectly proportioned floor.

Pictured below is our Antique Ruskin floor, crafted from 400 year old French Oak, with a deep, rich patina. The different widths of our Ruskin planks accentuate the undulated surface of the wood, imbued with history and packed with character.

If a wide plank or mixed width floor is something you want to work into your project in 2018, explore our collection of handmade, reclaimed and antique floors and request samples. As hard as we work to make sure that our photographs match the physical product as closely as possible, never rely on photographs when choosing your wood floor. There are so many subtle differences that show up in different lights and requesting samples are the best way to decide which floor is the perfect one for your project.

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