The story of our Dutch East Indies teak

Take a journey in design, history and culture with our genuine reclaimed Teak floors. The story of our Dutch East Indies Teak began in the early 1800s, when Dutch traders sailed across vast oceans and settled in what is now known as the Republic of Indonesia.

The influence of the Dutch settlement is still very much prevalent in architecture in the Republic of Indonesia today. Colonial homes were almost always the preserve of the wealthy Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese elite, the architecture being a fusion of Western and Indonesian heritage.

Our Dutch East Indies Teak floors have been crafted from flooring extracted from Colonial Indonesian homes undergoing renovations. Due to these renovations, we have become proud custodians of these beautiful Teak floors, restoring them to reveal the beauty of their heritage and readying them for the next chapter of their story.

Indonesian Teak with a story to tell 

We travelled halfway across the world to reclaim these Teak floors, bringing them back to our workshops in Cheshire to begin our painstaking restoration. The restoration process of this Teak produced two flooring choices; Dutch East Indies Teak, featuring the original patina, and Bleached Dutch East Indies Teak; bleached, hand cut boards with a distinctive texture.

During the restoration process, extra care was taken to ensure that the original patina was left intact; resulting in a mellow, broad open grain and honeyed tones.

Both of these Teak floors come in different widths and different lengths, moving away from the uniformity of fixed width planks and creating a more natural and organic look. Once restored, these floors have a beautiful texture, each board has been carefully hand sawn and this is evident by the beautiful saw cuts that flicker randomly across the surface of each board.

Teak is a scarce resource and it’s very rare to find such flooring, especially flooring that has survived hundreds of years of history. The warm tones of our antique Teak and feel of the wood is beautiful underfoot and would also suit wall panelling and furniture creation. Each board holds its own shape and this will form a gentle movement across your floor.

While these floors are solid, the option to craft the Teaks into engineered boards is something we offer. Engineered floorboards work well over underfloor heating and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens where more moisture is present.

These hand sawn floorboards will offer a pièce de résistance in your next project. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about our Dutch East Indies Teak

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