With a uniform charred tone and varying textures, agate’s chequered flooring has an undeniable presence. Its bold charred colour makes way for the elm’s visible grain and knots for a fresh addition to any contemporary space.



    The gentle undulations, shadows and polished hardwax oil finish give this black oak floor an “alive and lived in” look and feel.  Where the undulating, handmade texture of character-packed French oak is enhanced by the passion of British craftsmen for painstaking hand finishing – and all the handmade accessories you need to match your floor. Fine Oak has grown for centuries in Quercy, France and our craftsmen have been designing and hand finishing fine French Oak for years here in Cheshire. This is more than just manufacturing – our passion for hours of handwork emphasises the flow of the grain, the undulating texture and rich oak tones.

    Assier Herringbone


    A great way to add depth and character to almost any interior is an elegant herringbone wood floor. Each individual block is sanded by hand to create a soft, time abraded surface. The gentle undulations, shadows and polished hardwax oil finish give this black oak floor an “alive and lived in” look and feel.



    The dark charred look of this oak walling creates a distinguished contemporary look, especially as wall cladding. The unique effect created by burning the oak produces a unique and modern feel.



    Babylon is a fumed wood producing in a rich espresso tone, and grain detail highlighted with subtle white liming. This super-prime grade, engineered oak board has a soft, brushed texture and is 220mm wide and up to 3 metres long.

    Bodega Negra

    Bold Surfaces

    Even in charred oak, it still takes three or four years to craft drinkable bourbon. That’s an eye’s blink compared to the life of the original black oak bourbon barrels we sourced and reclaimed. The result is these up-to-2,200mm-long, 220mm-wide, 14mm-deep Bodega Negra planks…


    Bold Surfaces

    As so often with nineteenth-century railway woods, Bolt is a dramatic reclaimed treasure imbued with the aura of bygone times. Each random length, 120–180mm-wide x 20mm thick plank is packed with design potential…



    Coronet boasts the dark opulence of prime grade black American Walnut in a Parquet de Versailles panel. The delicately smooth finish, together with the burnished hardwax oil finish enhances the panel’s sleek, sophisticated look.



    Another take on traditional marquetry using the concentric end grain oak.  This dark brown fumed oak plank features a bevel-free appearance and a hardwax oil finish. It can be used on both floors and walls.



    Every Superfine Cyphoma European Oak board is thoughtfully designed, patiently developed and lovingly handcrafted by our artisans. And that’s only after the wood is painstakingly selected from European oak. You see, the challenging specification means there’s only a limited allocation for Superfine planks – you’ll need to move fast if you want some…



    The striking pattern of the end grains combined with the almost-black finish of this oak floor create an elegant, individual floor that has a hardwax oil finish and a smooth, bevel free appearance. We supply Deimos as a plank for easy fitting.



    All kinds of contemporary interiors benefit from the strong,rich tones of black and sleek monochromatic finish. A contemporary floor ideal for a range of interiors. Another celebration of British hardwood-flooring craftsmanship as superwide planks and over size herringbone deliver discreet style for ultra-prestigious projects. These boards are made of 100% hardwood for the ultimate in stability.