Unique Antiques

What does the phrase ‘unique antiques’ mean to you? Connotations of archaic, precious and valuable artefacts might come to mind. For us, the phrase ‘unique antiques’ is the definition of an exemplary find, something with history embedded in its very core.

Wood flooring is enjoying a renaissance, born again into a time where quality and heritage play much more of a part in the home than ever before. With our antique wood flooring portfolio we strive to mix the old with modern, entwining history and contemporary life with our distinctive and beautifully reclaimed wood flooring that carries a story from centuries ago and centuries to come.

Whether yours is a modern home or traditional home, an antique wood floor will compliment any of your surroundings. Our antique wood flooring creates stunning, distinctive interiors that will either be the focal point of your room, or blend seamlessly into your decor.

Uncover the heritage of our antique wood floors 

The beauty of our wood isn’t simply hidden within the depth of heritage, it visually engages with viewer, transporting them back through hundreds of years of history. The wood we use has in many cases been walked on for centuries, carrying with it the stories of all who have come into contact with it. To us, the wood we use in our antique portfolio perfectly encapsulates the phrase ‘unique antique.’ The centuries-old wood we’ve discovered may carry marks of the past, adding to the character of the wood, but the skills we’ve used to restore and reclaim the fine wood are the most recent.

Our distinctive and limited edition antique wood floors offer endless possibilities for your home. From gorgeous golden-hued oak to a rich and dark parquet, we’ve created something special that was made to be admired, appreciated and well loved.

We live, breath and sleep our antique wooden floors and we want to share that experience with you. View our collection of antique wood flooring at Woodworks by Ted Todd and if anything catches your eye, simply book a design appointment and experience the wonderful world of our unique antiques in the flesh.

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